The Politics of Nnewi security by Prince Onwa Nwafor Orizu

The Politics of Nnewi security by Prince Onwa Nwafor Orizu

It is a fact that the state of security in Nnewi in particular and Nigeria in general has become unbearable for the entire population.

The government at every level had struggled over the past couple of years to restore sanity through several means, but to no avail.

The consequences of this ugly trend have destroyed businesses and pushed people to flee Nnewi and Anambra States, thereby causing untold damage to our economy.

Many lost their lives due to the activities of the men of the underworld. he peace and joy inherent in the wonderful ambiance of Nnewi and its environs were completely lost. It became a national discourse, with its attendant catastrophic consequences for the general economy of the country.

The Distinguished Senator (Dr.) Patrick Ifeanyi Uba (Ebubechukwuzo), in collaboration with Nnewi Concerned Citizens, devised a strategy, one of its kind in Nigeria, to tackle this huge security problem. His unflinching dedication to the welfare of his people and constituency (Anambra South Federal Constituency) is second to none.

Senator Ifeanyi Uba painstakingly financed the new technologically based security surveillance programme that had proved most effective and successful in Nnewi. The crime rate has reduced drastically.

His initiative had attracted the applause of security experts from far and wide. Many communities, towns, and states are studying this wonderful but costly model for their respective areas. We are proud of the efforts of Dr. Patrick Ifeanyi Uba. He needs the collective support of the good people of Nnewi to sustain this programme.

My wonderful people of Nnewi, it’s time to tell ourselves the obvious truth. Ifeanyi Uba has proven over time his selflessness in his pursuit for a better Nnewi. He has spent a fortune in this regard.

Therefore, it’s seriously unfortunate that some cabals have sworn to undermine his efforts by frustrating the source of our collective patrimony, which invariably will enhance and sustain this laudable legacy.

Nnewi is known as a town not only with the best brains in business but also with an amiable, peaceful king. The wisdom that radiates in the town is fast losing its effect due to greedy, unrepentant hawks that feed on our collective patrimony.

They disguise themselves in different forms, causing untold havoc, ready to unleash terror in order to sustain their evil practices. These few are undermining the wonderful efforts of Ifeanyi Uba and Nnewi Concerns. Citizens should be ashamed of themselves and surrender to a good conscience for the good and progress of the town. Evil will never supersede good; rather, it takes time.

My good people of Nnewi, let us not politicize the noble strides of our worthy brother and son towards making Nnewi great again. Let’s unite and sustain the security architecture already introduced. Let’s think in earnest about the future of our youths and their welfare, because they are drifting to the point of destruction due to factors we all know. My father says “To educate the mind is to liberate it”, We need the education that will liberate us from the grip of selfish, egoistic few.

“Nnewi nwelunum ooo”, he said.

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