I’m the winner, Fubara mocks critics amidst Rivers crisis

Less than twenty-four hours after his staunch ally and speaker of the House of Assembly, resigned as a lawmaker and as speaker, the governor of Rivers state, Siminilayi Fubara, has promised that no political crisis will be able to shorten the term of his administration.

Fubara reassured that he is not arrogant about his dedication to offering excellent leadership despite the opposition to his administration’s attempts to crush the spirit of the Rivers people and stop development’s rapid pace.

He urged the people of Rivers not to let the current crisis depress them since nothing would prevent him from properly managing the state’s affairs.

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On New Year’s Eve in 2024 in the Opobo/Nkoro Local Government Area, Governor Fubara said this during the Croosover church service at St. Paul’s Archdeaconry Parish in Opobo Town.

He said: “What they want is this red biro but it is still with me. We are the winners because we are still signing with the red biro. As long as we are signing with the red biro, development will continue in Rivers State.”

Governor Fubara emphasized that nothing will prevent his government from reaching its goal since God alone will provide the grace to finish the construction process, on which its basis is firmly established.

The governor emphasized that he will not give up on working for the benefit of the state, citing that Rivers State has already established a development strategy and a degree of progress until 2024.

Sir Fubara sent his appreciation to President Bola Tinubu for his fatherly intervention in aiding the process of restoring peace in Rivers State.

He added: “Like I keep saying, it takes a responsible man to be a father. He acted like a father. On our part, we will continue to give him all the necessary support because if he does not succeed in Rivers State, he will not succeed as a president.

“So, as a state, we will continue to give him every support. We are not pretenders. Our support is genuine and it is to uplift his programmes. Our sacrifices are part of the support.”

As he vowed to defend his position as their governor, Governor Fubara also thanked the people of Rivers for their unwavering support, calling them believers in the authentic Rivers State and urging them to trust his decisions since no one will be tossed overboard.

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