Tunji-Ojo: Open letter to President Bola Ahmed Tinubu

Dear Mr. President,

As a matter of concern, our attention has been drawn to a systematic effort by a group known as the “passport cabal” who hitherto allegedly exploited the nation’s passport processes. In the last week, they have launched coordinated attacks on the credibility of Minister of Interior, Hon. Olubunmi Tunji-Ojo.

This orchestrated campaign not only poses a threat to the positive image of your administration but also challenges the vision of the #RenewedHope Agenda.

Reliable sources have disclosed that various entities, including groups, blogs, and influencers, are allegedly receiving financial incentives to besmirch the reputation of Minister Tunji-Ojo, particularly in light of recent allegations involving the Humanitarian Ministry.

As vigilant Nigerians and proponents of progressive governance, we earnestly implore you to take resolute action to shield Minister Tunji-Ojo from these calculated attacks. The success of this orchestrated effort could potentially undermine the commendable work your administration has undertaken.

Hon. Tunji-Ojo’s laudable initiatives in tackling the challenges within passport application and collection processes, as well as broader reforms within the Ministry of Interior and the agencies under her, should be allowed to proceed unhindered.

Preserving the integrity of the administration is of paramount importance, and your swift intervention in this matter would not only safeguard Minister Tunji-Ojo but also contribute significantly to sustaining the positive momentum of the #RenewedHope Agenda.

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  1. It is important for the president Bola Tinubu to be proactive about his decision on this matter before havoc is wrecked on this administration.

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