Rhema: Nigeria’s biggest dating app in the UK

In a bid to become Africa’s biggest dating platform, Rhema Singles UK, is launching a new Podcast: Love Is Here. The podcast is hosted by 4 amazing ladies in 4 different countries, UK, France, Ireland and South Africa.

Launching a podcast hosted by four ladies in 4 different countries is a fantastic way for Rhema to expand its global reach and become the prominent dating platform for African professionals around the world.

Rhema Singles is currently the dating platform with the largest concentration of Nigerian professionals in the UK and US, it is now looking to expand and attract other Africans from South Africa to Kenya.

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The app was launched last year by a Nigerian couple based in the UK, to help Nigerians who are looking for serious partners.

As Africans, we value dating and marriage, no Nigerian woman in the UK wants to waste their time with casual encounters; this is what many dating app out there promote.

Before Rhema was launched, Nigerians in the UK and US spends months and months on dating apps and never get to find any meaningful dates. Rhema has changed the narrative for many Nigerians aborad.

Nigerians want something serious and that is why Rhema Singles was created and successfully, it has attarcted the best of Nigerian professional in the UK and US.

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