Osun magistrates: Poor salary, courtrooms taken over by snakes, reptiles – NBA

The Nigeria Bar Association (NBA) expressed distress concerning the deteriorating state of courtrooms and inadequate compensation for magistrates and presidents of Customary Courts in Osun State.

In a formal communication addressed to Governor Ademola Adeleke, bearing reference number NBA/OS/Judiciary/2023/001, the association urged for an enhancement of the judiciary staff’s welfare package in the state.

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The letter, undersigned by NBA chairman, Yemi Abiona, and Secretary, Ibrahim Hassan, criticized the substandard working conditions endured by judicial personnel, prompting a call for an upward revision of their salaries and allowances.

The letter read: “Many states in the Federation, including some of our neighbouring states like Lagos, Ogun, Oyo, Ondo, and Ekiti with which we share common heritage have taken giant and commendable stride to guarantee the enviable condition of service for their magistrates having regards to the delicate nature of their jobs and particularly the need to insulate them from any kind of immoral or corrupt inducement and distraction.

“Some of the officials had not been given official cars since appointment over ten years ago, while those who were allocated official cars got theirs twelve years ago or thereabouts.”


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