Influential Northern Senator under watch for terrorism/kidnapping

An influential Northern Senator is being closely watched by security agencies in the country for reportedly spearheading terrorism, banditry and Kidnapping.

The powerful lawmaker, who is also heading a sensitive committee in the Senate, has been identified as one of the sponsors and financiers of banditry and other terror-related activities in the North, competent sources told  reporters last night.

The top sources, who spoke in confidence with our correspondent, admitted that the unpatriotic actions of the senator were already known to relevant government agencies and he would soon be made to account for his heinous deeds.

One of the sources said: “We are aware of the Senator’s unholy relationship with the enemies of state, including the number of times he had held nocturnal meetings with kidnappers, bandits and terrorists in Abuja, the seat of power”.

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It was also learnt that the parliamentarian, who is allegedly linked to an outspoken Islamic scholar, brings his overwhelming influence to bear on investigative activities of relevant security agencies.

Among other crimes allegedly committed by the lawmaker is the fact that he knows those behind the kidnap of some female students of the Federal University, Gusau, Zamfara State and the corps members from Akwa Ibom State who were seized on their way to Sokoto and have since been kept away by their abductors.

One of the top sources said further on the antics of the Senator: “Relevant security agencies have since unravelled the identity of a Senator from the North, who is the chief sponsor and financier of banditry and other terror-related activities in parts of the North.

“As a matter of fact, he is in marriage with the bandits, who have been terrorising the North Central and the North West areas.

“His tendencies are so disruptive and over-arching that he interferes with the investigative activities of security and other law enforcement agencies, who have continued to make inroads into terrorism, sponsorship and financing.

“Let me shock you: investigations have so far revealed that the lawmaker knows where kidnapped Zamfara female varsity students, and members of the National Youth Service Corps are being held”.

Another informed source, who spoke in similar vein, said: “Security agencies are aware of the Senator’s disruptive activities and have placed him under surveillance, being a person of interest.

“While an influential Islamic scholar can be said to be in bed with suspected terrorists, this high-profile Nigerian is in marriage with the bandits, and you know what that mean.

“We are wondering why he was given such a sensitive chairmanship position to occupy, considering his antecedents, which were appropriately communicated to the highest authorities.

“The truth of the matter is that security agencies are doing their best in terms of intelligence, investigations and operations, but what they need to identify, isolate and bring terrorists and their sponsors/financiers to deserved justice, is the political will on the part of government”.

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