Guinness World Record: Ghanian student sets new record for hugging 1,123 trees in one hour

A 29-year-old Ghanaian environmental activist and forestry student, Abubakar Tahiru, has etched his name in the Guinness Book of World Records by hugging 1,123 trees in one hour.

The Guinness World Record announced this on Friday, adding that Tahiru’s accomplishment not only makes him the record holder but also the first person to ever hold this title as he “easily surpassed the minimum requirement of 700.”

The event was said to have taken place at the Tuskegee National Forest in Alabama, USA, where he embraced nearly 19 trees per minute.

According to GWR, Tahiru grew up in a farming community in Tepa, Ghana, where he developed a keen interest in nature and its conservation.

After completing his undergraduate degree specialising in forestry at one of Ghana’s top universities, he moved to Alabama last year to begin his master’s degree in forestry at Auburn University.

Describing the challenge, GWR disclosed that a successful tree hug is defined as both arms wrapped around a tree in a close embrace. No tree may be hugged more than once, and no damage can be caused to any tree, or else the attempt is disqualified.

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It further stated that Tahiru attempted this challenge while he was fasting during Ramadan, preventing him from drinking water despite the strenuous activity.

He also had to move quickly between trees while ensuring that each hug met the required standards.

Speaking with GWR, Tahiru said, “Not being able to drink water throughout the attempt posed a significant challenge, especially given the physical exertion required.

“However, this also proved to be helpful in a way, as there was no need to pause for water breaks, allowing me to continue the attempt uninterrupted from start to finish.

“Achieving this world record feels incredibly rewarding.”

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