Family of 5, mother-inlaw and domestic staffs die mysteriously after moving into their new house – Anambra State

Man and his family dies mysteriously after moving in and spending their first night in their new mansion at Nkwelle GRA, Around Onitsha Anambra State

A man simply identified as Ifeanyi, his wife, children, mother in law and servant has died mysteriously on their first night after moving into their newly completed building.

Reports of the incident is still hazy and no one knows for sure what led to this sort of calamity.

Some unconfirmed anonymous sources claim that it could be carbon monoxide poisoning while other sources are quoted to allege that the land where they built their house was subject to some controversy leading to the involvement of some black magic which was secretly buried in the land.

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The Anambra State Government should step in immediately to ensure that we understand what we are dealing with here.

This should be considered a public health emergency and nothing should be ruled out including the possibility of a toxic gas leak from somewhere within the environment

The Ministry Of Health should ensure that an autopsy is carried out while the State Police force should cordone off the said Property to avoid any contamination of evidence and aid proper investigation.

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