Dolapo Osinbajo: A Trailblazer for women, girls with disabilities – Arabinrin Ogunleye-Bello

Dolapo Osinbajo: A Trailblazer for women, girls with disabilities - Arabinrin Ogunleye-Bello

Mrs. Dolapo Osinbajo’s tenure as the wife of the vice president comes to a close after eight years, leaving a legacy of unwavering dedication to empowering women and girls, particularly those with disabilities and also, fighting gender based violence, ensuring that, it is eradicated in all forms.

FAME Foundation gratefully acknowledges your profound love and support, particularly for your role in the HERSTEM project.

When FAME Foundation approached you to launch the HERSTEM initiative for girls with disabilities, you response was unwavering. Despite the lingering challenges of the COVID-19 pandemic, you fearlessly attended the program, masked and fully engaged from beginning to end. Your presence alone provided assurance to the girls, and you took great care to ensure their well-being. Following the event, you sent packaged gifts from your office which were distributed to the girls, we can’t thank you enough.

Mrs. Osinbajo’s support went beyond a single event. Months later, you extended your hospitality by hosting the girls at the presidential villa, where they were warmly received and you also facilitated their access to your office, ensuring that people with disabilities felt welcome and appreciated. Your genuine empathy and occasional check-ins with the girls exemplify your role as the nurturing “mother of the nation.”

Your humility, transparency, and genuine compassion have left an indelible mark. The void left by your departure will be felt not only by FAME Foundation but also by the girls whose lives you have touched. As you embark on new endeavors, the girls extend their love, gratitude, and heartfelt wishes.

You have been an exemplar of compassion, showcasing the transformative power of service, your tireless efforts to uplift undeserved communities, particularly women, girls, and those with disabilities, have made a lasting impact.

As you have concluded your role, we will miss you, we celebrate your legacy and wish you continued success.

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